Electrically operated TRAY DRYERS are specially designed for Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemicals, Paints, Textiles & other industries. It is well accepted for economical drying of the wet products of the crude drugs, Granules, Powder, Foods, Utensils and Chemicals, also widely used in agricultural drying because of its simple design and capability to dry products at high volume

Tray Dryer is the most conventional Dryer used very widely and still being used where the moisture content is more and where the product has to be dried at low temperature for long hours. Application of tray dryer is


  • The Construction is double walled, both walls made of CRCA Sheet / Mild Steel.
  • Interior is painted with Heat Resistant Aluminium Paint to withstand long duration heating cycles normally required in Industrial applications.
  • Exterior body either Powder coated or Painted by long lasting Deco Paint
  • Gap Between the Walls filled with Glass wool insulation to avoid Heat loss
  • Insulated Rigid Doorsfitted with Strong Hinges with Ball Cage Locking arrangements
  • Brackets to support the heavily laden trays on the sides of Inner chamber.
  • Air circulated by Heavy duty blower system to maintain the temperature uniformity throughout the working chamber.
  • Tubular Air Heaters placed in the moving air path & Heaters are interlocked with blower
  • Ventilation with adjustable opening on the top facilitates flowing the fumes or vapour produced during the process.
  • Control panel having Microprocessor based PID Temperature controller, Ammeter, Volt Meter, Phase Indicating lamps, Heater ON Indicators, Booster Heater Switch, Motor Switch/Push Buttons
  • Supplied with Aluminium Trays with Size 16″ x 32″ x 1″
  • Operates on 230 Volts AC Single phase 50 Hz / Three Phase.


  • Trolley for Trays.
  • Electronic Digital Timer Range from 0 to 999 Minutes.
  • S.S. Inner Chamber.
  • Complete Stainless-Steel Dryer
  • PC / Printer Interface.
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliantsoftware
MODEL Internal SIZE in cm(W x D x H) 100°C 200°C 300°C No. of DOORS No. of TRAYS
DPS-TD1 S 12 x 12 x 12 3 KW 6 KW 12 KW 2 12
DPS-TD2 S 14 x 14 x 14 6 KW 9 KW 18 KW 2 24
DPS-TD3 S 18 x 18 x 18 12 KW 15 KW 24 KW 2 48