Autoclave Steam Sterilizers

AUTOCLAVES are designed and fabricated for sterilization under working steam pressure at 121 °C or more up to 15psi to kill micro-organism through the application of saturated steam under pressure to suit various International standards application in the growing field of Medical, Waste treatment, Agricultural, Institution, Bio-Chemical, Industrial, Research laboratories, Microbiology, Pharmaceuticals QC / QA/ R&D and Various Industries.


  • Double wall design has single chamber for steam and water.
  • Fully Automatic operation, cycle begins by press of the START button.
  • Initial air purging cycle, at the beginning air is automatically removed from the chamber.
  • Microprocessor based Digital Temperature Indicator Controller. Controls temperature / pressure precisely at set value.
  • In built adjusted digital timer; programmable as per sterilization load requirement.
  • Automatic steam exhaust at the end of cycle.
  • Heavy duty industrial flange heater.
  • Temperature Sensor: PT-100.
  • All parts of stainless steel 304 grade. All joints argon welded to avoid steam and pressure leakage.
  • Joint less silicon gasket.
  • Pressure range: 15 - 17 PSI.
  • Temperature Range: 121°C to 125°C.
  • Lid is made of die pressed Thick Stainless-Steel plate & is equipped with Pressure gauge, Steam release/Exhaust valve & Spring-loaded safety valves.
  • Foot lifting arrangement for lid. is included for capacity 100 liters and above.
  • Operates on 230 Volts AC Single phase 50 Hz.


  • Low water level alarm with Heater Cut-off


  • Basket
  • Printer Interface.
  • High Temp. Safety Controller.
  • Pressure cut-offswitch.
  • Water Level Glass.
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliantsoftware.
MODEL SIZE in Inches(Dia X Depth) CAPACITY(Liters)
DPS-AT-23 10 x 18 23
DPS-AT-37 12 x 20 37
DPS-AT-55 14 x 22 55
DPS-AT-80 16 x 24 80
DPS-AT-100 18 x 24 100
DPS-AT-125 18 x 30 125
DPS-AT-186 22 x 30 186
DPS-AT-224 22 x 36 224