Note: For all kinds of Pharmaceuticals and Laboratory Equipments

SERVICES: We at DIAGNO PHARMA Solutions understand very clearly that the backbone of a successful customer relationship is an after-sales support that responds quickly & efficiently hence believes in only one equation, the most important thing is to provide the most perfect & precise equipment to the customer for their valuable experiments, for that We uses the well qualified factory trained service persons/ Engineers & Technicians to provide the services to the customers to run the equipment in the most economic & reliable way without any breakdown

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: In Preventive Maintenance Services we would like to work as "CARETAKER" of a particular equipment & committed to serve at any time to make the equipment free from breakdowns & errors.

CALIBRATION / VALIDATION: “Calibration” is the process in which the main controlling part of the equipment need to be calibrated against the standard calibration system (NABL Approved) at the regular interval of days/ Monthsto make sure that the equipment is working properly according to the guidelines.

In “Validation” the uniformity for the particular equipment is measured under such conditions & at various places within the equipment to make sure the displayed conditions & the internal condition meet the guidelines.

AMC’s: Annual maintenance contracts (Comprehensive and non- Comprehensive) are provided for the equipment to keep it free from irregular breakdowns at any circumstances. We provide AMC’s for the Equipments for which we visit the site at regular intervals to inspect the equipment for its functionality & performance.